Wednesday, June 3, 2009

hot, flat and crowded

Genre: Nonfiction
Author:thomas friedman
The latest book from Thomas Friedman who write World is Flat. I love the way he explain all global thing happened around the world with very simple words. Buku yang satu ini sayangnya enggak sebagus World is Flat dan The Lexus and Olive Tree. But the chapter about petrodollar (how much US dollar own by country through the sale of petroleum) really eyes-opener.After all, is all about money and who get the power.
In Thomas opinion, now world is not only Flat, just like he explained in his previous book, but Hot and Crowded too. Hot and crowded because all the earth getting hot and we need to take a great concern for environment. Life span and food revolution make people life longer and consume more than our previous ancestor. Earth getting crowded too.
He give many example how things getting hot and what every people, every country should do to reduce it.

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